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As many are aware in Qld and other states there has been a need for liquid withdrawal dryers to comply with AGA and AS standards.


Systech has been providing Turnkey installation of approved gas control and approved gas valving, regulation, piping and tank inspections through our partnership with Provincial Gas Services.


Through this partnership not only have we converted many grain dryers but also industrial ovens, tank rotor moulders and spray booths.


We provide:

  • Regular maintenance and fault finding services to many manufacturers

  • Tank inspections and certification of industrial equipment.

  • Complete gas system design/ installation and Certification Type A & B as per AS requirements for Natural Gas & LPGas.

  • Complete customer owned gas tank asset refurbishment/ maintenance and periodic testing as per AS requirements.

  • Complete existing burner scheduled servicing including Air & Flue Gas analysis as per AS requirements.

  • Upgrades of existing gas systems and appliances as per AS requirements.

  • Liquid Petroleum installations and service.

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