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Systech® Engineering Australia draws on decades of experience in optimised PLC controlling and they are always driven by even better applications of this incredibly exciting technology. If you need to increase productivity and deliver consistent quality… whilst driving down your costs you must talk to Murray and his expert team now.

With the exponential growth of knowledge in the areas of P.L.C. capability and communications, our vision is to add incredible value to your business through our skilled people, and to implement solutions that fully leverage the new technology… thereby helping your business to reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency.

SYSTECH ENG AUST holds the position of systems integrator for IDEC AUST. Combining IDEC and Systech offers our customers a good quality range of products that can be programmed and integrated into your control needs.

Systech will work with you to develop a philosophy of control for your factory, write the software and then install and commission

We can provide remote access support via internet for your equipment.

Projects have included mobile irrigation, dryer control management, conveyor, elevator, rotary head sweep arms, level control, humidity, silo weighing, gas control, diesel control, food processing moisture management, oil and gas remote pumps.

Hydraulic power source for drilling rig

Sytech onsite control room install of at drill rig 

24/7 automated processing at Pistachio factory

Conversion of overseas drilling rig to Australian compliance standards

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