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It is a well-known fact that natural aeration protects your stored asset and reduces the need for harmful chemicals. When stored product is matched with the right amount of airflow and controlled by a time proportioning controller, that product can be then held for long periods safely and economically, maintaining good germination.

Systech Engineering Australia has developed a range of aeration controllers to suit your special needs. Our controllers use a similar algorithm as developed by the CSIRO, using wet bulb temperature as the basis for a discounting set point. The temperature is trended down far below anything that can be achieved by manual switching, timeclocks or lowest ambient control.


Our controllers can be sized to your needs or to your potential growth. They can be used for logging data, be networked, viewed remotely and where appropriate having drying software included.


This controller can be mounted inside switch boards or externally and used to globally control as many silos as you wish. It is a touch screen controller with Ethernet and USB ports for the purpose of data logging as well the ability to remote start /stop generators.  This controller is used in conjunction with external manual switches, circuit breakers and motor control contactors.  


The 104-P is a portable device designed to plug into a 15amp power point or can be degraded to a 10 amp outlet and it has self-contained contactors to control up to four silos using the same touch screen processor as use in larger complexes. The silos can be individually stagger started and has a resettable individual hour run meter. No electrical installation required, just plug it in and let it do its stuff.


This is a complete system mounted in a powder coated cabinet with circuit breakers, safety switches contactors and touch screen processor. Can be used for data logging, remote access, timed start-up, hour run meters, generator control with each silo individually controlled from touch screen. Each silo can be set to off manual quick cool or chill and some cases when on site equipment meets certain criteria, drying software can be added. Please refer to caution regarding in silo drying. 

This controller is designed for (but not limited to) 1 to 12 silos for economic reasons, as many complexes do not exceed 12 silos, so why pay for what you don’t need. This unit is ready for your local electrician to mount and connect to your outgoing sub circuits. Comes with wiring drawings and the support of Systech. Or Systech can install the system for you


The AA200-x series is a purpose built unit with a larger touch screen, depending on size of complex. It can individually control any number of silos and is designed and priced according to your needs and future requirements. AA200 has a colour touch screen, remote access, data logging, Ethernet, email, text. Can be sold as a controller that can be fitted to existing complex or be built into a motor control switch board design and manufactured by Systech Eng Aust.

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